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Tofu Kitty Club’s Sustainable (and Practical!) Soy Kitty Litter Subscription

Have you joined the Club yet? TofuKitty Club is our latest great find here at Modern Cat–this premium kitty litter is built specifically for busy, socially aware cat owners, but we think it’s perfect for pet parents everywhere. Made entirely from soy, this new formula of kitty litter is super absorbent, hassle free, and knocking our socks off!

Why soy, you ask? Soy absorbs moisture better than clay or crystal, making it an optimal material for kitty litter. Dust free and able to clump within seconds, this litter can lock away odours and spare your cat from the harmful chemicals and painful crystals found in some other litters.

Not only is this litter a great choice for your cat, it’s a great option for the environment, too! TofuKitty Club’s litter is made entirely of reclaimed, recycled soy which would otherwise go to the landfill. Vegan friendly, completely biodegradable, and safe for cats and humans alike, it’s a fantastic option for cat owners focused on sustainability.

Our favourite thing about TofuKitty Club? It’s super convenient. It’s soy formula is safe to flush down the toilet, meaning less hassle and more time to spend with your favourite felines. One bag worth of litter lasts one month for a single cat, and with delivery included, you won’t have to run out to get kitty litter ever again!

Sustainable, practical, and effective at keeping odours locked away, we think this litter is the next big thing in making cat owner’s lives a little easier. With prices starting at $30, check out Tofu Kitty Club at – JH

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