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Facebook Is Giving Away $100,000 To The World’s Most Amazing Dog!

You know you have the best dog in the world – and so do all your friends, family, co-workers, and total strangers on the internet. Facebook Watch and The Dodo are giving you an opportunity to prove it to the world and win $100,000 while you’re at it!

Be aware – the competition is fierce (yet cute and cuddly!) These dogs sing, dance, skip and play. But even if your dog’s only talent is clearing the room, don’t be afraid to submit videos of your own. Hopeful owners can send in up to 10 “audition videos” via the Facebook Watch app, and for every submission, Facebook will donate $1 to a charity, like the ASPCA!

Once you submit your video other Facebook-ers will be able to view it and vote your pride and joy as the World’s Best Dog! If you already have your ideal video on Facebook, you can repost it to your timeline with the hashtag “#mostamazingdog”!

Don’t wait for someone to ask you about your dog – auditions close February 20, 2019. So start posting your videos and brag on your baby! Even if you don’t win, you can still help raise money for charities! To audition open the Facebook app on your phone, search for the “World’s Most Amazing Dog” and upload or record a video of your dog!

Videos must be submitted through the Facebook app, but you can see some of the videos on the World’s Most Amazing Dog page at Facebook!



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