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10 Dog Breeds That Are Incredibly Stubborn

All dogs can be stubborn, especially when they know they have their humans wrapped around their little paws. Although all breed combinations have the potential for willfulness, some breeds turn it into an art form!

If you think you’ve got a headstrong hound, a difficult dog or a pigheaded pooch, read on to see if your pup made our list of the top 10 most stubborn breeds.

1. Beagle

Beagles were bred to be hunting dogs, meaning it is hardwired into their genes to bark, howl, chase and explore. They still make wonderful family dogs as long as they get plenty of exercise, but even the best trained Beagle will have trouble obeying commands when there’s a squirrel nearby.


2. Jack Russell Terrier 

These sturdy, intelligent little powerhouses are incredibly tenacious and athletic. Bred to catch and eradicate rats, they love to chase, jump, climb and dig. If all that energy and strength is not channeled into something positive – like agility training – the Jack Russell’s stubborn nature can get him into some serious trouble.


3. English Bulldog

Ah, the Bulldog. These cuties are the meaty little class clowns of the canine world. As silly and affectionate as they are, good luck getting an English Bulldog to do something he does not want to do! Bath times, trips to the vet and toenail trims can be a nightmare with these bossy pups.

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