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Utilize Your Vertical Space With Armarkat’s Cat Trees!

Here at Modern Cat we’re all about utilizing the vertical space in your home to actively engage your cat in playtime. Hence, we love Armarkat’s Cat trees, which give your cat plenty of space to scratch, climb, play, and curl up for an afternoon nap (or an all-day nap!). We asked Armarkat about their products and why they’re the purrfect choice for your feline companion.


Why are Armarkat Cat Trees a good choice for pet owners?

Cat trees give your cat the vertical space they crave to survey their environment while having their own dedicated space to play and rest.

What are the benefits of Cat Trees for pets and pet owners?

Armarkat cat trees are affordable, easy-to-assemble, wood-based structures engineered to be safe for pets, long-lasting, and highest quality. Fabrics and colours match any home environment and pet owners are free from worrying about cats scratching human furniture as all connecting posts are covered in seasoned sisal rope which provides the best in “scratchability.”

What makes Armarkat Cat Trees unique? How does it stand out in comparison to similar products?

Armarkat was the originator, so many so-call competitors have used Armarakat designs but constructed their trees from cardboard, not wood, so they are built to be replaced. Armarkat is one of the only manufacturers to provide a warranty and replacement parts. Cat trees lasting more than 10 years is the rule, not the exception!

How does this product reflect the values and goals of your organization?

This company take pride in craftmanship and reliability. Customer service is extremely important. If the cat is safe and happy, the cat parent is happy.

How much do Cat Trees cost, and how can pet owners find out more about this product?

Armarkat is the manufacturer and provides MSRPs on its website,, where all of Armarkat’s products from cat trees to pet beds and more can be found. However, you can frequently find many promotions from Armarkat’s sellers throughout the ecommerce marketplace. Check with your favorite online retailer to see the variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and coverings available from Armarkat at reasonable prices.



These amazing trees are approved by the cat daddy himself – Jackson Galaxy! Check out Armarkat’s Cat Trees along with their cat beds, carriers, and toys! View them all here.


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