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Help Your Cat Stay PAWsitive with a Unique HiCat Climber!

For cats, climbing is both instinctive and an intrinsic part of their physiology. It should be part of their daily exercise routine, just like taking your dog for a walk. Hicat cat climbers satisfy this instinct to climb, so if you’re not lucky enough to live in an environment that has opportunities for climbing, a Hicat climber is the perfect substitute for a cat’s natural habitat. Check out these cats getting a full-body workout in the safety of their homes!

Hicat is dedicated to ensuring all cats get the care they need. They believe a proper climbing structure is important to a cat’s physical and mental health. We interviewed Mark, founder of Hicat, on why he started the company and why having a proper climbing structure is important for cats. Here is what he had to say.

Tell us a little bit about your company and its philosophy.

“We started making our own Hicat climbers in 2008 after years of trying to find a safe, durable indoor climber for our cats but couldn’t find anything that did the job. We believe that giving cats the opportunity to climb indoors and in safety plays a fundamental part in their well-being and this is what motivated us to start the business.

We pride ourselves on giving cats and their owners amazing products and service whilst doing our best to respect the environment. We use natural coir carpet (made from the husk of coconuts) to wrap our units and have two dedicated products ranges that were designed around using carpet offcuts and we ship our units in packaging that’s made from other material offcuts.

We regularly donate our units to cat sanctuaries and re-homing centers plus offer discounts to those working for these types of organizations”

What is your most popular or best-selling product? Why?

“Our most popular unit is our Fatcat 4 – we think it’s the best seller because it’s our largest climber with the most comprehensive list of features and options, so therefore offers the best lounging, climbing, sleeping, and playing activity for cats.”

What makes you/your organization unique?

“Hicat a two-person husband and wife setup who personally design, develop (along with our two cats) and make all of our products by hand as well as managing the business in terms of brand, website, accounts, marketing, operations. We don’t know if this makes us unique but it certainly makes us, our customers, and their cats very happy.”

How much does a Hicat climber cost, and how can pet owners find out more about this product?

Our products start at £220 for a floor-to-ceiling post with floor-to-ceiling tubes starting at £600. Our website has all of our bespoke product offering but we also have a dedicated North American website that has a selection of our most popular units, which are available to purchase online.”

Check out Hicat’s features page for all the ways their products can be customized, from extra access holes, to additional shelves, to mini dart games, all aimed at keeping you and your cat entertained for hours. They even have smaller furniture pieces for those unable to fit a floor-to-ceiling climber in their homes.

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