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Lil BUB linked to Hemingway’s Cats

Lil BUB a descedant of Hemingway’s cats

In a recent article by The Daily Mail, it was announced that Lil BUB had a DNA test that explains 1) the traits (genetic mutation) that make her look so cute and 2) her ancestry. Lil BUB has a rare genetic mutation that causes her to have osteoporosis and it’s the same gene that affects humans.

‘We were curious and wanted to look at her genome. Since developmental processes, like bone formation, are quite conserved across mammals, we hypothesized that identifying the causative mutations underlying BUB´s phenotypes might improve our understanding of these rare diseases also in humans’, said Dr Ibrahim.

It was also noted that Lil BUB is also likely related to the famed polydactyl’s that inhabit Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West, Florida. Polydactyl’s are cats that have extra toes and are nicknamed “Hemingway Cats.

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Scientists discover what gives Lil Bub her unusual appearance

Lil Bub is known for distinctive features which earned her millions of fans The seven-year-old is kitten-sized as she stopped growing at seven months This is down to osteopetrosis, a rare disease that causes bones to grow denser She also has two extra digits on her front two paws, the same variant associated with Ernest Hemingway’s cats Lil Bub, a celebrity internet cat, owes her unusual and distinctive appearance to two rare genetic defects, scientists have discovered.

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