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10 Cute Pictures Of Cats For Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

March 17th is the big, green, Irish holiday we know and love. Hopefully you’re ready to go green, grab your shamrocks, and hang with your best buddy–your cat!

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Not all cats enjoy human holidays like St. Paddy’s Day, but some kitties are all about celebrating with us. The cats in the pictures below are happy join in on the fun!

Here Are 10 Cats Who Love Saint Patrick’s Day!

Some of those kitties look like they’ve spotted a leprechaun! Maybe they’ll chase one to the end of the rainbow and find some treasure. But no pot of gold could ever be worth as much as our cats’ love!

Of course, if your kitty doesn’t like wearing costumes for holidays, don’t force them. If you must snap a cute photo, give them a nice hat or bow tie, then take it off as soon as you have your picture for social media.

Remember to keep your cat safe on Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t leave open alcohol containers around. Make sure your cat has a safe room to hide away from party guests, too. Enjoy the holiday responsibly!

Are you planning to do anything special with your cat on St. Paddy’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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