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Boy Sells Rocks To Care For Adopted Beagle With “Broken Heart”

From the beginning, 9-year-old Lex had his heart set on a puppy of his own. He had already bought a leash, bowls, and a bed for his yet-to-be-bought puppy using money earned from his business, Lex’s Lucky Rocks. He wasn’t at all interested in rescuing a dog until he met Rocksy.

Lex’s dad, Andrew, was at an Amish farm in their area buying eggs when they spotted the little dog. She was a 3-year-old Beagle with no name. She was in rough shape – thin and dirty with a tick in her ear. Lex forgot all about buying a puppy when he saw her and spent $50 on the spot to take her home.

At Rocksy’s first vet visit it was found that she has a severe heart murmur. It would be expensive to treat. Rocksy would need lots of medication, frequent x-rays, and lots and lots of love. Lex’s little heart broke for her, but he promised to take care of his dog and give her whatever she needs.

Lex is getting some help from his family to take care of Rocksy. His sister Arianna also has a little business, making buttons which now help support Rocksy as well as some other charities supporting rescue and children. She adopted a dog of her own last year, a Shiba Inu that, fortunately, doesn’t have the health issues Rocksy is fighting.

Rocksy is a lucky girl to have found a family who loves her so much! She will need a lot of medical care, but they’re doing their best to give her everything she needs!

Check out Lex’s Lucky Rocks and A Button Girl on Facebook to see what Lex and Arianna are up to! Help support Rocksy by shopping their stores on Etsy: Lex’s Lucky Rocks and A Button Girl.


Featured Photo: Lex’s Lucky Rocks/Facebook

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