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Sheriff’s Department Hires Pit Bulls. Rescues Dogs. Saves Thousands.

When you think of a police dog, what comes to mind? For many, it is a German Shepherd sniffing for drugs, or a Belgian Malinois standing guard next to an officer of the law. One North Carolina Sheriff’s office wanted to employ service dogs, but they decided to go about it a different way. They turned to adoption to find their dogs.

A Brilliant Idea

The story begins with two dogs on the verge of euthanasia. The Pit Bulls, named Phantom and Sarah, lived in two separate shelters. But they were both having trouble getting adopted. Before they faced that awful future, fate intervened by way of a law enforcement department in North Carolina.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office wanted two new deputies. But, they didn’t want to go the typical route. They wrote about their decision on their Facebook page.

“Departments do not need to spend $15-$20,000 for a pure breed German Shepard or Belgian Malinois to search and find illegal drugs, at the same time giving dogs destined for a life in a shelter or euthanasia a second chance at life serving Law Enforcement Officers and Departments around the country.”

By adopting these two Pit Bulls, Clay County officials saved their taxpayers money and rescued two dogs. Win-win!

Two K9 Officers Join the Force

Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 helped the Clay County Sheriff’s Office get these two pups into their K9 division. Phantom was found in a shelter in Texas. Sarah came from a year’s long stint in a shelter in New York.

After their adoption, the dogs were trained in narcotics detection. Neither dog will be involved in the apprehension of suspects. Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 do not allow their dogs to train in apprehension or bite work.

The purpose of these organizations is to show Pit Bulls’ other talents. They do not want to further the narrative that Pit Bulls are aggressive or dangerous dogs.

The thrilled Sheriff’s office shared this message on Facebook.

“The Clay County Sheriff’s Office would like to express their great gratitude to Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9. Had it not been for their great work both Sarah and Phantom may still be looking for their forever homes.”

We love this story because we know Pit Bulls are an intelligent, loyal breed. They have a bad reputation, but these dogs are more than how they are portrayed in some movies and television shows. Keep up the good work, Phantom and Sarah!

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Featured Image: Clay County NC Sheriff’s Office Facebook

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