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Hammock Day: 5 DIY Cat Hammocks You Can Make! [VIDEOS]

(Picture Credit: Mark Taylor/Nature Picture Library / Getty Images)

July 22 is known as Hammock Day all around the world. It’s a hashtag holiday usually celebrated by humans in the fashion of lounging back in a hammock, sipping on a favorite libation, and enjoying a moment of peace and calm.

But what’s to stop you letting your cat in on the hammock action?

Here’s a round-up of DIY cat hammock tutorial videos that will ensure you and your favorite feline can kick back and relax in a hammock together.

1. How To Make A Cat Hammock

This six-minute-long tutorial video is a solid summary of everything you’ll need to acquire and put together your own feline hammock.

It includes a handy list of all the materials you’ll want to round up–including pine lumber, rope, and chipboard screws–and walks you through the process step by step.

Skip ahead to the six minute mark if you want to check out a couple of cats approving the finished hammock.

2. Metal Cat Hammock

This next take on the cat hammock uses metal piping for the frame, which is another option when crafting your own kitty lounging spot.

Bonus marks for actually measuring the cat before starting!

3. Cardboard Hammock For Cats

We all know just how much cats adore cardboard boxes, so why not fashion your next delivery box into a cat hammock?

Check out this video to see how a cardboard cat hammock comes together!

4. Visible Cat Bed

Next up with have a little something called a visible cat bed. What’s that, you ask? Well, imagine a futuristic looking personal feline hammock and you’re in the ballpark.

Check out the video for step-by-step instructions!

5. Cat Hammock Hack

Finally, we come to the easiest way to add a cat hammock to your living situation–by hacking a standard chair!

Best of all, the only other supply you’ll really need is an old t-shirt.

Have you crafted a cat hammock for your kitty? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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