I wasn’t a cat person since my family is allergic until my college roommate, she worked at a shelter, told me we were fostering kittens from a litter she had found living around our apartment complex. Long story shortened, I have now had my child, Clementine, for the past two years.

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Pretty girl turns 20 this year. She’s older than I am, & I don’t remember a time in my life where she wasn’t chirping at us for another bowl of wet food. ❤️


6 weeks ago I lost my cat Bender to bone cancer. And was devestated. But then a week ago I heard about this guy. His elderly owner had died and the neighbors were trying to rehome him. I couldn’t say no. So he now he is here with me. This is Joe. We both know about loss and need each other.


In a rare turn of events, my cat actually posed for the camera.