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LOL! Watch this Dog Say His First Word

What was your first word? For those of us born before mobile phones made recording life’s little moments easy, you may not know the answer. One Utah family tried to capture their baby’s first coherent word. Instead, they got something slightly different. Get ready to laugh.

Patch learning to talk
​Source: Sam Giovanini YouTube

Say ‘Mama’

The Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah has two adorable boys at home. One is a nine-month-old baby named Sam, the other a beautiful and intelligent Australian Shepherd named Patch.

One day Andrea, the boys’ mom, wanted to teach her young son to talk. She sat on a couch, eating some food from a container. The boys sat at the foot of the sofa, watching Andrea expectantly.

Andrea decided to turn the undivided attention into a teachable moment.  She wanted to reward Sam with a bite of her meal if he repeated what she said.

“Mama,” she urged. In the background, a male voice also encouraged Sam to speak.

But, Andrea didn’t realize her dog was listening, too.

With his eyes locked on the food, Patch began to beg.

Patch and Sam learning to talk
​Source: Sam Giovanini YouTube

He Speaks!

Sam continued to watch his mom. But Patch decided he needed to move things along. The sweet, smart dog began to whine. And suddenly the whine started to have a familiar sound.

Listen closely and you’ll hear Patch learn to say ‘mama.’ That’s right, this Australian Shepherd says his first word not the baby.

Try Not to Laugh at This ‘Talking’ Husky Puppy

Meanwhile, Patch’s family burst into laughter. We couldn’t contain our giggle either. The dog is too adorable! Sam, upset that his brother has everyone’s attention, gently pushed the pup away. Again, the family roared with laughter.

What is better than a video with a dog and a baby? Not much! Watch this hilarious scene play out in the video below.

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Featured image c/o Sam Giovanini Youtube

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