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Devastated Pooch Mourns The Sudden Loss of Her Chew Toy

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel that if even just one more little thing goes wrong, you’re gonna lose it?

That might be what happened in this video, because this pup is truly, truly distraught about her toy! We’re not sure what happened earlier this day, but it must’ve really been something! This beautiful Beagle’s name is Bonnie, and she was just trying to unwind on the couch with a nice chew when her whole world was shattered.

Bonnie’s mom caught her devastated fit and heartbreaking howls on her home camera. Try not cry when you see Bonnie’s life fall to pieces!

Dog Has Most Dramatic Reaction To Dropping Toy

"Caught my dog on the house camera being a total drama queen…" ??

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Well, maybe it wasn’t her life to pieces, but her toy to the floor isn’t too far off!

We wonder if she was crying because nobody was home and she felt free enough to sulk, or if nobody was home to pick it up for her!

Bonnie’s toy has survived the fall and she’s doing just fine!

Do you have a pup who might be a little “dramatic” like Bonnie? Tell us about your sensitive pooch on Facebook!

Our friends shared some of their “drama queen” stories on Facebook – read about The 10 Dog Breeds Who Are Absolute “Drama Queens”.

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