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Then & Now: See How These 10 Popular Rescue Stories Ended

The best stories have happy endings, and if we had it our way, every dog would be living happily-ever-after in a cozy home with a loving family. We don’t always have a happy ending to share, because these pups are still in the middle of their stories when we hear about them. But we always hope that they’re on their way to a better future.

Sometimes we’re able to find new information later, and when we do, we like to update our old stories. These are just a few of the ones we’ve been able to find – do you remember any of these dogs?

1. Bart

Sergeant Tanzanika Carter saved this pup today! The dog was running on the tracks near Coliseum Bay Area Rapid Transit…

Posted by BART Police Department on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Then: This pit bull caused a ruckus during rush hour in San Fransisco one morning when he decided to walk along the tracks and try to play with a Bay Area Rapid Transport train! The rambunctious pup made headlines and even became something of a local meme for a little while. B.A.R.T. and the police worked together to corral him at the Fruitvale station where he was finally caught. He was then taken to Oakland Animal Services, where they named him after the train: Bart!

Now: Bart’s story went viral and was proof of his sweet, playful nature! Only a month after he was taken of the tracks, Bart was adopted by a couple who appear to be spoiling him rotten!

Posted by Bay Area Rapid Transit on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


2. River and Daisy

Special Pet Sunday! Meet River & Daisy, a beautiful, very friendly and sweet bonded pair of pups looking for rescue,…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Then: In 2016 River was a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who had lost his sight. 4-year-old Collie, Daisy, became his best friend and seeing-eye-buddy. They were rescued together from the home of a cruel owner who neglected them and their medical needs. It was apparent when they arrived at the Pennsylvania SPCA that River and Daisy were bonded, and they wanted to find a home for the two together.

Now: The Pennsylvania SPCA reported a few months later that River and Daisy found a home together! These two will be together til the end!

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived, we are happy to report that River and Daisy, our nearly blind pup and…

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Tuesday, October 4, 2016


3. Rosie

Meet Rosie, a Great Dane puppy recently fit with a prosthetic leg by Fort Myers, Florida-based Hanger Clinic Prosthetist…

Posted by Hanger Clinic on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Then: Rosie was only 10 months old when iHeartDogs shared her story in 2015. As a very small pup, her mother accidentally stepped on her leg and broke it. Her breeder intended to have her euthanized, but Big Hearts Dog Rescue stepped in and offered to pay for Rosie’s care.

The little cast she wore restricted blood flow to her broken leg, and it had to be amputated. Big Hearts reached out to the doctors at Hanger Clinic in Clearwater, Florida, who are responsible for the prosthetic tail that Winter the dolphin uses to swim. Rosie was fitted with a prosthetic leg and recovering in a foster home.

Now: Rosie is a much, much bigger girl! And she found the perfect human!  Maja Kazazic survived a bombing in her home country of Bosnia in 1993, but lost her leg. After years of physical and emotional pain associated with the loss, she visited Hanger Clinic, where a doctor told her she should meet Rosie. Maja fell in love, and the two have been together since. Rosie has been an inspiration to Maja, and helps with her PTSD. Together, they visit others who have lost limbs to offer encouragement!

On stage with Rosie!

Posted by Maja Kazazic on Saturday, February 23, 2019

4. The “Dumpster Puppies”

It is freezing and sleeting in Indy tonight. So to work with no coat, you'd have to be crazy… or crazy kind….

Posted by Every Dog Counts Rescue on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Then: Indianapolis police officer Scott Charleswood was out working late one cold winter night only a few weeks before Christmas 2016. At the time he was responding to a concerned call about the sound of crying coming from a dumpster, and discovered that someone had tossed seven newborn puppies away like trash. Without a second thought, he took them all out, removed his coat and wrapped them in it to keep them warm. He then took them to Every Dog Counts Rescue for care.

Now: News of the pups went viral, and there was a ton of interest from potential families. They spent the first weeks of their life in the care of the rescue, and became little celebrities! They got to visit with the Indianapolis Colts, appeared on shirts, and took adorable photos like the pajama pics below! When they were old enough to go to new homes, Every Dog Counts carefully considered each application and made the best choice possible. They did an excellent job, because all seven are still with their families, happy and healthy! Even after they were all adopted, they still made a few appearances for pictures with their adoring fans!

By popular demand… updated photos of our sweet little Dumpster pups, on their first birthday! Happy birthday sweet babies! <3

Posted by Every Dog Counts Rescue on Sunday, December 17, 2017

5. Binx

I’m Binx, And I am TOO good of a dog. No Seriously! I was adopted and returned within 48 hours, with notes saying I’m…

Posted by Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA on Monday, October 22, 2018

Then: Binx may be the only dog ever to be surrendered for being “too good,” but that’s exactly what happened. This sweet boy was at the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, potty-trained, fun-loving, well-behaved, and with good basic obedience skills. He was adopted one day, and returned within 48 hours because his new family was looking for a dog who was more of a chalenge, they said!

The shelter didn’t want to judge, but they couldn’t believe it – either way, it was clear that this was not the right match for Binx! We were shocked, and shared his story hoping to help Binx’s forever family find him.

Now: It didn’t take Binx long at all to find the right family – who wouldn’t want a dog that is so good, some people can’t take it? His soon-to-be dad heard his story, but couldn’t take action while his wife was out of town. The moment she arrived home, he picked her up from the airport and drove them both straight to the shelter and met Binx! He’s living the good life with a couple that’s just as great as he is!

Everyone! It happened! I have a family!! My new dad saw me on TV, but my new mom was out of town. When he picked her up…

Posted by Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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