The “Hero” we All Deserve to See

Sara Carson Devine has been training dogs since she was a teenager in her hometown in Canada. People that knew her were probably not shocked when she was awarded the title of Dog Trainer of the Year in 2017. They were probably not shocked that she went on America’s Got Talent and made it all the way to 5th place on that program. Absolutely no one that knows Sara was shocked when she got engaged to a fellow dog trainer, either. Everyone may have been a bit shocked when Sara and her border collie, Hero took to the dance floor and performed an amazing routine as the bride’s first dance.

Sara and her new husband, John Devine have four border collies and a Facebook page dedicated to them. That page is “The Super Collies” and it shows the lives of Hero and his doggy siblings as they work, travel and just enjoy life to the fullest. Hero is the star for many of the performance and has even performed in a number of commercials for PetCo, the Family Channel and more. Like most border collies, Hero is at his happiest when he has a job to do which may explain why he has taken to the many tricks and stunts that he has learned over the years. From their performance on stage in front of thousands it was just inevitable that Sara’s  Hero would have to play a role in her wedding.

For anyone who was afraid that the groom was going to feel put out, don’t worry. The performance was his idea and one that he encouraged. Set to the tune of the Kenny Loggins’ song “Footloose” the pair performed to the amusement and amazement of their wedding guests with Sara still in her full wedding attire. Sara’s biggest concerns was that she would not be able to perform some of the pair’s usual moves in her dress but the video proves that she pulled it all off beautifully and so did a joyfully barking Hero. Hero’s spins, leaps and balance moves were greeted with applause, squeals, laughter and pure happiness from everyone in the audience.

Following their June 2019 wedding, the dog loving couple and their Super Collies have continued to do what they do best: train dogs. Devine K9s consists of a team of Sara, John and upcoming dog trainer, Andy Lopez. The group is based in California and offers a wide range of services from behavior modification to agility training and more. In addition to their Facebook page, the Devines, The Super Collies and Devine K9s can all be followed on Instagram.

In addition to her own performing dogs, Sara has trained dogs for others including Cesar Milan. Her husband focuses on training tactical and service dogs.

Today was a big day! –So happy to have Hero by my side through my life’s journey. We had a Super Devine night ??

Posted by The Super Collies on Saturday, June 15, 2019

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