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7 Ways To Keep Cat Litter From Tracking Everywhere

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When it comes to potty time, most of us are lucky if our cats manage to cover their droppings completely with litter to eliminate odor. Of course, that also means kitty is probably tracking some of that litter outside the box.

Feeling tiny bits of litter sand between your toes whenever you’re barefoot in the home kind of comes with the cat owning package. Fortunately, there are ways you can help your messy kitty keep their litter in the box and not scattered all around it and your home.

Here are seven tips that can help you and your cat keep the litter in the litter box where it belongs.

1. Scoop Dirty Litter On A Daily Basis

scooping litter

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Cats like the areas where they relieve themselves to be nice and clean. If the litter box is dirty and full of old poop, your cat will begin their dig to China in order to find a clean area, kicking out litter in the process.

To prevent your cat from scraping around for a clean area, scoop out any dirty litter on a daily basis. Doing so will also help eliminate odors and cut down on cat allergens in the home.

2. Change Up Your Litter

kitten in litter box

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If you find your cat tracking litter throughout your entire house, part of the problem could be the litter itself.

The composition and consistency of the litter you are currently using may be entirely too conducive to sticking on your kitty’s paws.

Experiment with litters, but be sure your cat likes the one you settle on, too. If your cat doesn’t find the texture to their taste, they may find somewhere else to eliminate.

3. Consider A Litter Box With High Sides

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Some cats, such as small kittens and senior cats who aren’t as agile, may have difficulty with a litter box that has high sides.

For all other cats, this is a great way to cut down the amount of litter your cat is tracking outside of his litter box. The high sides act as a guard for when your cat gets really into the whole burying process.

4. Grab A Mat, Too

cat tracking litter outside the box

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A plastic or silicone mat right outside of your cat’s litter box is another way to cut down on unwanted tracking. The silicone material will have the litter from your cat’s paws sticking to it, not to their paws.

To clean, simply grab the mat and dump any litter bits into the trash. Mats like these can be found online and at most pet stores.

5. Keep The Paws Pretty

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Litter tracks throughout the house when it sticks to your cat’s fur and claws, leaving a wake of nasty particles wherever they walk post-potty break.

Give your cat’s paws the attention they need. Keep the fur around the paws and ankles trimmed if you have a long-haired cat.

Be sure your cat has a way of filing down their claws, whether that’s with a scratching post or routine trims with your vet.

6. Invest In A Hand Vacuum

kitten in litter box

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Despite all of these preventative measures, there is always going to be at least one bit of litter that managed to escape the box.

Keep a small broom or invest in a handheld vacuum to keep near your cat’s litter box for quick and easy access. Any time you see a bit kicked out, take two minutes to sweep or vacuum it up.

7. Get Creative

Some cat parents have gotten very inventive and have created litter box furniture to help eliminate litter tracking, as well.

There are loads of YouTube tutorials on how to make litter boxes out of old plastic tubs, dressers, and more. Check a few out and see what might work for you. There are tons of options out there, and they may inspire you to come up with an even better solution on your own.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your cat’s litter where it is supposed to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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