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Worlds Most Dramatic Pitbull Gives Oscar Worthy Performance to Avoid Nail Trim

If you’ve ever tried to cut your dog’s nails then you know you would probably have better luck wrestling an alligator. Most of them seem to hate it and they will go to extreme measures to let you know. Your hands become pin cushions ripe for chewing. Then before you know it, there’s fur flying everywhere like you’re smack dab in the middle of a snowglobe! A Pitbull mom uploaded a video to Reddit showing her boy taking a slightly different approach.

The Old Bait and Switch!

This cheeky Pitty had a more passive-aggressive and overly dramatic method. First, his mom lured him in with some sweet nose rubs. Then she pulled a fast one on him and whipped out the red-handled nail clippers. The doomed pup briefly looked at the camera with deep desperation and regret in his eyes, as if to say, “You were in on this?” When that didn’t work, the slick pup ignored his mom and pretended to be oblivious to what was about to happen.


When All Else Fails, Faint

She grabbed ahold of his paw and the drama king did the only thing left to do… faint! Yeah, he went there. His head fell backward and then his body slowly followed suit. There he was laying in the hallway on his back with all four paws in the air!

His feeble attempt to escape grooming didn’t work but he stayed committed to the scene. He laid on his back spread eagle while his mom clipped away. Somebody get this guy an Oscar!

But let’s be honest here. This was borderline entrapment! Everyone knows a good boy can’t resist nose rubs and ear scratches.

Tips for Getting Through Dreaded Nail Trims

Handle your pooch’s paws frequently to get them used to someone touching their feet. Dog’s Naturally Magazine recommends avoiding the guillotine style clippers because they crush the toe. Use scissor-type clippers instead and keep them sharp. Using a “Pedi-Paws” style nail grinder can also help smooth out rough nails.

You can cut the quick of the nail if you cut too far up. If that happens, don’t panic. They will forgive you, I promise! Stick the nail in corn starch to stop the bleeding. Local pet stores sell styptic powder for this exact scenario.

It probably doesn’t hurt to sweeten the deal a little bit for your fur baby either. Maybe slip them an extra treat or give them a nice massage afterward while you make amends.

h/t: Dog’s Naturally Magazine
Featured Photo: Reddit


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