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A Woman Died Suddenly And Her 77-Year-Old Mother Won’t Stop Searching For A Good Home For Her Two Dogs

Our dogs are our family. That means we love them unconditionally. It also means we want them to be well cared for and loved if anything ever happens to us. Sadly, sometimes that isn’t always possible.

Last year, a mother in East Patchogue, New York experienced the unimaginable: the sudden loss of her daughter. That poor mother is 77-year-old Nancy. Her daughter, Vicky, was the proud parent of two beautiful dogs named Jaxxon and Ariel.

Jaxxon is a 7-year-old 75 pound black Pit Bull. Nancy describes him as a “very happy go lucky, easy to adapt kind of guy,” good with other dogs. Ariel is a 9-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, just looking for somewhere to live out her golden years.

FOR ADOPTION NOT AT THE SHELTER !!!!!Jaxxon and Ariel, two pits that have been in need of a 24/7 home because my…

Posted by The North Fork Animal Welfare League, Inc on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Nancy told Patch how sad it made her to think of the two dogs without their mom.

“These poor dogs had their world flipped upside down when their owner, my daughter Vicky, suddenly and tragically passed away on Dec. 11 2018. For nearly 10 months now, they have been living by themselves in the home they once shared with their beloved owner.”

Following Vicky’s tragic death, many of her family members and neighbors stepped in to help out with the dogs.

Nancy, Vicky’s sister Wendy, and two neighbors: one single mother of two handicapped twins and a 77-year-old veteran have all pitched in to care for Jaxxon and Ariel.

Sadly, none of the dogs’ current caretakers are able to adopt. Still, Nancy refuses to give up and getting these two senior cuties adopted.

In a Facebook comment, Nancy emphasized what great dogs Jaxxon and Ariel are.

“Ariel and Jaxxon are ‘seniors’ that are in desperate need of a caring home. Life throws us unexpected curves and the death of my beloved daughter leaving her two dogs without a caregiver. They are house dogs and will keep your feet and heart warm with affection. Although they have been together for 5 years I realize that’s not possible going forward.”

The dogs’ crew of caretakers make an amazing team. They all work together to keep the heat and air going at Vicky’s home, as well as the TV so the dogs feel less lonely. They also take turns feeding, walking, and giving love to the dogs.

“We all, unfortunately, know what grief feels like and have experienced it first hand, and it is no different for dogs, they feel it too. These dogs so deserve to be living the same happy life they had before they suffered such a huge loss.”

Nancy herself lives about 50 miles away but will always fill in for any other helper who can’t make it. She’s also willing to meet with anyone who expresses interest in adopting the dogs.

Despite all their efforts, approaching rescues and sharing on social media, they have not been able to find a new home for Ariel and Jaxxon.

“They are both such great dogs, and we need to honor their owner’s life by finding them a new solid home to rest their heads in. My daughter dedicated so much of her life to them.”

Both dogs are up to date with all shots and certification and both are neutered/spayed as well. Anyone interested in either dog can contact Nancy via email at

Please oh please, someone bring these two sweeties home!

H/T: Patch

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