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Baby Koala Climbs onto the Back of a Miniature Schnauzer

Tony the Miniature Schnauzer was just minding his own business when he was faced with an unusual situation and an unusual animal. He was just walking around outside, trying to find a place to pee when a baby koala jumped onto his back. While many people would consider this scene to be adorable, Tony wasn’t too amused by his freeloading passenger.

Tony’s dad, Henry, claimed that he just let his dog out to do his business in their yard and left him alone for a few seconds. When he looked back, there was a tiny koala clinging to Tony’s hair!

Image: Screenshot, 7 NEWS Australia YouTube

Henry and Tony live in Stirling, which is a small town in Adelaide Hills, Australia. Even though koalas are common in their area, a koala had never interacted with Tony and his dad before. While Henry thought it was an exciting event, Tony wasn’t quite as interested in his new friend.

Once Henry spotted the koala climbing on Tony’s back, he immediately recorded it. The interaction between Tony and the baby koala lasted for about two minutes. At first, the koala was clinging to his side, but then he made his way onto Tony’s back. Poor Tony could not figure out how to get the koala off him!

Throughout the whole process, Tony kept trying to look back at the small creature, but he couldn’t seem to reach him. He was clearly fed up with the koala from the start, and he just gets more and more frustrated as the video goes on. 

Image: Screenshot, 7 NEWS Australia YouTube

Eventually, the koala made his way down to Tony’s rear end, and the dog was able to get him off. Right after, the baby koala scurried up a tree and decided to give Tony some space. The little koala likely learned that he should stay away from strangers.

“I think his mum was probably up in a tree having a sleep and the baby thought Tony was his mum,” said Henry.

Henry’s assumptions were likely true since Tony has the same gray-colored coat as a koala. That poor baby koala must have been awfully confused when he learned that the Miniature Schnauzer wasn’t really his mom!

Image: Screenshot, 7 NEWS Australia YouTube

Luckily, Tony was left unharmed, but he was still skeptical about the whole situation. At first he was confused, but Henry says that he’s now back to his happy self again.

There are lots of unfamiliar animals out there, and while dogs might want to chase some, they might be hesitant around others. Be careful if your dog ever interacts with wildlife because you never know how the animal will behave in return. Luckily, this baby koala was friendly though! Unfortunately, Tony just couldn’t “bear” the whole situation.

Featured Image: Screenshot, 7 NEWS Australia YouTube

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