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Woman Shot In The Leg By A Labrador Puppy Named Molly

In a completely bizarre and unheard of chain of events a woman was shot in the leg while in a car with a friend and his Labrador puppy, Molly. The shooter was none other than the adorable pup herself. Now, before your imagination runs wild with visions of a gun-slinging hunting dog standing on hind legs, taking her best shot, let me explain the situation. It is wild, to be sure, but unintentional.

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Driving Along, They Stop to Let a Train Go By

Tina Springer, 44, and Brent Parks, 79 were in Springer’s car with the yellow Labrador puppy, Molly. The trio were stopped at a railroad crossing in Enid, Oklahoma waiting for a train to pass by. Once the train came and blew its whistle, Molly got spooked. The car has a fold down center console which was in the down position with a loaded .22 caliber pistol underneath it. Molly jumped onto the center console, terrified, and the force of her jump set off the .22 caliber pistol that was being stowed beneath.

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The 911 Call

Parks called 911 (heard below in the Oklahoma’s News 4 video clip) and reported to the dispatcher that the passenger of the car had been shot in the leg and was “bleeding pretty bad.” Springer can be heard in the background hollering that she needed to lay down and didn’t feel good. Parks tells the dispatcher that they had a gun in the car and it went off. When the dispatcher asks if Springer shot herself he replied that she had not. Upon further probing it was revealed that the dog caused the gun to go off. The 911 call audio says:


911: “She shot herself?”

Parks: “Nah, she didn’t do it herself.”

911: “Who shot her?”

Parks: “Well, it just went off. We had a dog in here and it stepped on the gun.”

Parks: “The dog [expletive] stepped on it and it went off.”

911: “The dog shot her?”

Parks: “Yeah.”

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A Belt Used as a Tourniquet

The 911 dispatcher recommended that Parks look for something in the car to tie around Springer’s thigh to slow the bleeding. She said he guessed he could use his belt and the dispatcher said he should. He took it off his pants and wrapped her thigh.

Shooting Victim Recovering After Surgery

Springer was rushed to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center where surgery was performed on her leg. She can expect a long recovery but is expected to be okay. Springer will reportedly remain in the hospital through the weekend.

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Interesting Evidence Collected from the Scene

The car was found to have 3 shell casings inside. It is yet unknown how many shots were fired by Molly’s unfortunate jump. The .22 caliber pistol that shot Springer had its serial number scratched off. Police are investigating both matters.

Basic Gun Safety Totally Disregarded

Obviously this story brings up a glaring disregard for gun safety. It is permissible to carry a loaded gun in your vehicle in Oklahoma but is it responsible to do so without even bothering to use the gun’s safety feature? This shooting could have easily ended in tragedy, for Springer or anyone else who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, including Molly.

Oklahoma’s News 4 reported that moving forward, the family will be sure to keep Molly away from trains. No mention of their intention to properly secure their loaded weapon.

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