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This Puppy Was Left Die. She Could Not Stop Kissing The Woman Who Saved Her!

There’s a heart wrenching dumping grounds in Echo Lake Park, Texas. It’s a horrid place where evil humans abandon their dogs in the cruelest way possible. The dogs who are lucky enough to survive are often surrounded by the bodies of other fur babies with less fortunate outcomes. One woman is working relentlessly to change this.

One Woman Refuses To Give Up On The Abandoned

Judy Obregon is in charge of a rescue called The Abandoned Ones. She goes to these so-called dumping grounds every single day to save any innocent life that she can. It was no different the day she found sweet little Callie.

Judy spotted a puppy along the fence so she pulled the car over and started to get out. As soon as the abandoned baby saw Judy, she began limping over to Judy’s car as fast as she could. She was obviously injured and had a hard time making her way out. Callie let out gut-wrenching cries for help as Judy approached her. She welcomed Judy’s loving hands as they embraced her baby face.

The pitiful puppy had a string tied around her neck. The other end of the string was observed to be tied around the fence where Callie was initially sitting when Judy pulled up. Despite being left to die, sweet Callie sat and waited for her family to come back for her, never leaving the fence even after she successfully broke the rope.

Furever Grateful For Her Second Chance

Judy loaded Callie up and took her to the vet but not before Callie showed her thanks. The adorable little girl gave her rescuer kisses of gratitude before they headed down the road to get medical attention.

Luckily, despite her circumstances, Callie was in surprisingly great health. She cried every time she was touched during her physical exam but she quickly gained her appetite and was back on her feet within two days. This little angel is so resilient, she was even able to smile again just as quickly!

Callie was with The Abandoned Ones for nearly fifteen months to the day. She was spoiled during her time with her foster parents- and rightfully so! From puppuccinos, to toys, a new pink collar and of course endless snuggles, Callie had a new lease on life. 

Her story has an even happier ending! She has been living a wonderful life with her furever family that treats her like royalty.

The video below shows the moment Callie knew she was safe again. Fair warning: Get your tissues ready!

h/t: I Love My Dog So Much

Featured Photo: @taoanimalrescue/Facebook

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