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Potato, A Triumphant Cat with Feline Dwarfism

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Potato is a tiny cat with a big story. In spite of her difficult past, she has continued to defy the odds!

Potato, a.k.a Stumpy Cat, was born with a list of troubling medical conditions. She was found to have joint and spine malformation, difficulty breathing due to her small rib cage, feline dwarfism, and to top it all off; she is also blind. All of her medical ailments lead to her small frame. Potato is alarmingly small, and is about half the size of a normal cat.


Originally named Giselle, she was dropped off at the Massachusetts Society of Cruelty to Animals. Her original family had become overwhelmed by her medical needs, and decided that they could no longer keep her in their care. Covered in mats and filth, it was clear that she had been neglected for quite some time. She was absolutely terrified by her sudden change of surroundings, and needed someone on her side to help her through.


Alyssa Krieger, the shelter manager, decided to foster the tiny cat until she could find her a forever home. After a well-rounded grooming and plenty of TLC, Giselle made her social media debut. It wasn’t long before Krieger had thousands of messages from potential adopters.

After searching through so many potential homes for this special feline, Krieger found the perfect home! This tiny ball of love set off to her new home with Holly, armed with her new name; Potato!


Potato shares her home with three other cats, and the array of fosters that make their way through Holly’s home. Though Potato is small, she does not let her size stand in her way. She makes up for her tiny stature through her feisty attitude and her love of play with all of her furry friends. She has truly found her place in her pack.


When watching videos of Potato and her friends running around their home, it’s easy to forget that she has so many medical conditions that could potentially hold her back. Holly is continuously impressed by Potato’s determination to live her life to the fullest, and says that we could all learn something from this tiny fighter!


We are thrilled that this adorable stumpy cat has found the perfect home for her. We can’t wait to watch her continue to thrive in her loving home!

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