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The Best Gifts for Cat Owners

Get your cat owning friends and family members an awesome (and helpful) cat related gift with our range of gifts for cat owners. From bowties for the fashionable kitty, or carries for friends who frequently travel with their cat to vet approved cat subscription boxes, you’ll find something for everyone!


Kitty Bow-Tie from BellaLovesAlex

Who can resist a kitty in a bow-tie? BellalovesAlex has over 350 bow-tie and bandana designs that your cat will love! Collars are adjustable, available in 3 sizes and feature a quick release safety

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Gifts for cat owners: cat subscription box

Subscription Box from VetPet Box

Win over the most ungrateful cat with VetPet Box.  They deliver a dose of happy and healthy in every gift box. From their vets to your pets!

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Gifts for cat owners: tofu cat litter
Snowball Tofu Cat Litter from ViviPet

ViviPet’s Snowball Tofu Cat Litter is all-natural, eco-friendly, and 100% biodegradable. Plus, it’s 99% dust free and has incredible odor control. Try your free bag now!

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Gifts for cat owners: cat food

Freeze-Dried Cat Food from UkiUki

UKIUKI Freeze-Dried cat food is made with GMO-free, humane-grade, raw meat. Made without the use of corn, wheat, soy, sugar, or preservatives. It’s also a great training treat your cat will love!

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Gifts for cat owners: cat shelves


Cat Perches from Kitty Shelves

Do your cats love to climb and perch? Kitty Shelves are a great alternative to a cat tree! Multiple sizes, colors, and combinations available.

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Grumpy Cat Treats

Cat Treats from TeamTreatz

Introducing tartar control cat treats in fun licensed characters from TeamTreatz! They have been tested to show a 40% reduction in tartar with daily consumption. USA made by pet parents who rescue.

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Sofa Scratcher

Cat Scratcher from Sofa Scratcher

Spoil kitty this holiday season and save your sofa at the same time with a Sofa Scratcher. Available in neutral colors to match any décor or style. Handmade from scratch in the USA.

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The Sturdi Pop-Up Kennel creates a “zone of safety” for your cat when traveling in the car. It comes with a roomy case, is available in three sizes, and requires no assembly!

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Cat Solarium

You don’t have to have a backyard to give your cat a taste of the outdoors. Cat Solarium is the stylish open-air feline sunroom with a panoramic view. Let your indoor cat outside safely!

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Cat Litter Pan

Tired of scooping, scraping and scrubbing? Kitty Sift disposable sifting litter box offers a better litter box experience for you and your cat. Lift, sift, reuse and dispose! Simply better.

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Kitty Corral Fencing from Easy Pet Fence

Kitty Corral Fencing from Easy Pet Fence offers cats security in yards. Made from plastic and welded wire construction. Longevity: 20+ years! Available heights: 6 and 7.5’. Save 10% off with “MODCAT” at checkout.

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Cat Carrier with Litter PanAll-in-One Cat Carrier from Kitty Obsession

Long road trip? Emergency situation? Kitty Obsession’s Emergency/All-In-One Cat Carrier is the only cat carrier that includes a litter tray, labeled pockets, food/water containers, and more! Use
code PURR19 to save 20%!

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Cat Litter Scooper

Litter Scooper from Scrape ‘N’ Scoop

Tired of fighting stuck-on clumps? Scrape ‘N’ Scoop is a game changer with an easy-grip handle and scraper end to loosen those clumps. It’s the only litter scooper you’ll ever need!

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