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Woman Shocked When Her Puppy Grows Into A Fox!

A woman made a surprising discovery about the puppy she had been raising. A few red flags went up about her cute fluffy white pup that spurred her to begin asking questions. She received a complete shock when she learned that her puppy wasn’t actually a puppy at all. The pup had been living with her for months and she didn’t know.

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Ms. Wang Adopted a Small Fluffy Puppy

Ms. Wang was so excited to bring home her adorbale new family member. Tiny, soft, and fluffy, the white puppy was everything she was looking for in a companion. Around the age of three months, however, things started to become strange. The puppy’s hair grew thicker. The puppy’s nose became longer and pointier. The puppy’s talk grew much longer than a typical dog’s. The puppy began refusing to eat puppy food. And most alarming, other dogs started showing fear for Ms. Wang’s puppy. Not sure what was going on, she sought out expert help.

“The fur got thicker when it reached three-months-old,” Ms. Wang recalled of her little fox’s development. “Its face became pointy, and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog. Other pet dogs seemed to be scared by my pet, so I walked it on a leash.”

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A Local Zoo Informs Her That Her Puppy is Not a Puppy After All

Ms. Wang decided to seek professional help. She took the puppy to a local zoo to be evaluated. She was completely stunned to learn that her puppy was acutally a wild fox! No wonder he didn’t want to eat puppy chow or mingle with dogs. That puppy needed a completely different diet and definitely had no interest in canine socializing.

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Forced to Make a Heart Breaking Decision

Knowing that she would never be able to provide the fox with the life that he needed, Ms. Wang made the heart breaking decision to leave him in the care of the zoo. Anyone who has been forced to give up a pet can empathize with Ms. Wang’s situation. It is often a challenge to put someone else’s needs above your own. In the end, it is for the best and that is what leads us to come down on the side of what is right for the animal in these situations.

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Adopting a fox is a more common occurrence than one might expect. Apparently they are routinely sold to unwitting buyers in Asia, positioned as being a breed called a Japanese Spitz. The breed is small, but very active and brave making them good watchdogs. It also makes them easy targets for tricksters who want to pawn off a fox as a family dog.

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