Dita Von Teese’s Cat Passes at 17

The beloved feline companion of Dita Von Teese has passed away at 17 years of age.

“My heart is broken today,” Von Teese shared. “Aleister Von Teese my beloved and constant companion of 17 years has passed on early this morning. Rest In Peace, my dearest, sweetest, cleverest, and most handsome boy. My heart aches imagining my life without you.”


Her Devonshire Rex, affectionately nicknamed “The Bat,” starred in many photo shoots with his glamorous owner, including a shoot of his own in Paris, a surprise for Von Teese from her team.

Devon Rex’s are known for their impish faces, large protruding ears, and distinctive coat. The Cat Fancier’s Association claims Devons are “delightfully silly in both appearance and antics” and are “interested in everything and everyone around them.” Aleister was no exception, often accompanying Von Teese on trips around the world and making himself at home both backstage and in front of the camera. Fans can look back at the feline’s Instagram for glamour shots, candids, and playful poses.


Aleister and the queen of burlesque became an iconic duo in 2003, with the star frequently posting photos with her adored cat. The cat was named after Aleister Crowley, famous occultist and magician, perhaps in part due to the Devon’s dark, mysterious features. He was certainly striking, capturing the hearts of over 120,000 Instagram followers and making appearances across the globe. Aleister reflected Von Teese’s lifestyle becoming a permanent fixture in everything she did. Fans can get their hands on a stylish Aleister Von Teese pin through Dita’s merch store to help keep his memory alive.

“Aleister Forever 🖤,” the star shared. “Hard to express what this little guy meant to me. I’m overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and love. Sending appreciation and love back to you, especially to those also suffering from loss right now.”

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This is sphinx, we found him abandoned next to a bin in a box all tapped up on the side of the road, he was malnourished and had an abscess on his shoulder, the poor thing was just left there!!😭 more then a yr later, he’s the most handsome boy I’ve ever had!! ❤❤


Half of my life. Liked to be held. Licked the dogs’ ears and let them chew on his ears when they were puppies. No words do him justice.


My little baby on his 1st birthday