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Tough Cat Saves Dog Buddy From Charging Meanie

Cats and dogs. The relationship proves complicated over and over again.

Take the case of two dogs and two cats out in the neighborhood, all happening to be in the same spot at the same time.

The encounter begins with a friendly greeting, but in a flash of dog paws, the situation runs right to chaos.

And the amused humans involved captured the whole incident on video!


Two Cats, One Good Dog, One Bad, and Lots of Laughter

Out for a walk, a couple of humans and a friendly golden dog encounter two feline neighbors. The tuxedo cat on the ground isn’t so sure about the dog. But the tabby on high ground decides the risk worth the reward and leans out to say hello to the curious canine.

Their noses meet in a kiss of friendship!


Melting at the sweetness of the nose kiss, the dog’s mom says, “Awwww!”

Everyone is so happy, even the tuxedo cat fluffing up at the dog feels okay about the moment. But an intrusion destroys the calm air of friendship. A Border Collie tears into view, aiming for who it’s hard to tell. The tuxedo cat? Or the tabby? Possibly the golden dog?

Whoever the Border Collie was after, the tabby cat refuses to let the attack happen!

The tabby leaps from his perch, hot on the Border Collie’s tail. The humans start to laugh as the golden dog barks and wags a tail in thanks. The tabby cat saved the dog and his tuxedo buddy from the charging dog.


The Border Collie slinks off toward home, passing the tuxedo cat who just dares the dog to try anything. But the tabby decides the dog hasn’t learned lesson enough. He heads for the retreating dog, his determined stride picking up speed.


The dog and the cat disappear for a second, but then, the dog comes running back into the view, tail tucked. The tabby cat urges the dog on with an heir of authority exclusive to felines.


The Border Collie pauses in her escape and the tabby cat ain’t having it. One more time, he charges the dog, chasing her in circles through nearby yards. One can hope the Border Collie finally got the message and cleared the area. All the while, the humans laugh long and loud at the game of chase.

Between the protective tabby and his cat buddy for backup, that dog wasn’t getting anybody that day!

Feature Image: kat7786/YouTube

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