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Stolen Pomeranian Puppy Sold on Craigslist Reunited with Her Mom

Sometimes breakups end with hurtful words and the division of assets. This story takes the tale of a split up to a new extreme. When a California woman broke up with her boyfriend, she never thought he would go so far as to take her puppy. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending.

The Worst Kind of Break Up

Ashley Farley’s boyfriend visited her in Santa Clarita, California. In mid-June, Ashley was at work when her soon-to-be-ex told her he sold her five-month-old puppy on Craigslist.

Ashley had recently moved to Canyon Country from Reno, Nevada to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. She told KTLA that she got a dog because she felt lonely without her friends and family nearby. She loved her puppy Ella, named after the singer Ella Fitzgerald, and her ex used that adoration to his advantage.

He sold her dog to an unknown buyer on Craigslist. Ashley was devastated.

A Mission to Find Ella

Ashley decided to take action. She appealed to local news outlets and posted on social media networks to get attention for her missing pup. Ashley told the media she was willing to pay for the return of her dog. She held no ill will to whoever had purchased her dog because they didn’t know the backstory.

Then something beautiful happened. The family who purchased Ella off Craigslist saw Ashley and Ella’s story on the news. The family contacted her right away to make arrangements for returning Ella.

According to KHTS Ashley said, “They were the nicest couple I’ve ever met.” Ashley became friendly with the pair, saying that they all decided to stay in touch. “They want to see how she is doing and watch her in the future.”

Ashley was very grateful to media outlets for sharing her story. She told The Signal, “I’m so lucky,” she said. “If it wasn’t for you (media) guys this would not have happened.”

After a visit to the vet, Ashley learned no harm had come to Ella while she was in the care of Ashley’s ex-boyfriend.

Three cheers for Ashley and Ella! We wish every lost dog story had such a happy ending.

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