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Cat Extravaganza Offers Delight For Cat Lovers

Cat lovers, pack your bags and grab your passports!

Its time again for the LondonCats Cat Extravaganza Surrey, an “international show and exposition about all things feline!”

Running January 10th–12th, the Cat Extravaganza Surrey offers cat lovers a multitude of experiences sure to delight.

At the LondonCats Cat Extravaganza, “Thousands of cat enthusiasts will be coming together for an unmissable event that will feature an international competition with over 200 cats, a multitude of quirky cat vendors, 8 super interactive “Judging Rings”, “Meet the Breeds”, and a “Kitty Corner”. It’s time to stage, reward and celebrate our purrfect furry companions!”

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

International Cat Show

The Extravaganza is brought to cat lovers thanks to a partnership between LondonCats Worldwide and The International Cat Association (TICA). Attendees will be witness to fierce competition between some of the world’s finest cats. According their website, TICA holds “the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, and the world’s largest registry of household pets.” The association is responsible for cat competitions in over 100 countries and holds feline competitors to high standards of adjudication.

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

“Come and see your favourite breeds such as the Bengal, British Short Hair, Maine Coon and Sphynx and some newer breeds like the Lykoi (werewolf cat), American Curl, Toyger and many more, all under one roof competing for the ultimate prize of Best Kitten, Best Cat, Best Alter and Best Household Pet.”

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

Witness the fancy cats and kittens strutting their stuff in one of eight interactive judging rings.

“Kitty Corner” Will Answer Your Cat Questions

Visiting the Extravaganza’s “Kitty Corner” will reveal answers to some of your most burning questions where cats and kittens are concerned. Experts will be on hand for discussions. Demonstrations and workshops will be available on a wide array of feline topics.

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

Meet Kitty Superstars

Feline celebrities will be on hand for meet-and-greets, book signings, and photo opportunities.

Author James Bowen and his ginger cat Bob will be on hand to sign copies of their book, A StreetCat Named Bob. Meet the famous tabby cat and his human, a success story captured not just in print, but film too.

A StreetCat Named Bob/Facebook

“Beautiful super meowdol Starina” plans on gracing the Surrey celebration. The lovely Starina was one of the first registered emotional support animals in the UK, as well as a signed model. The gorgeous white cat was spotted by an animal modeling agent in London and signed to a contract right then and there. See her beauty with your own eyes!

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

Meet Nick Harding, author of A Tale of Two Kitties, featuring Barry the Bengal Cat, at the Extravaganza. Don’t miss out, “Bengal cat Barry will be there too!” Pick up a signed copy of their book at the show.

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

Get Your Fur Baby Something Special

Cat merchandise of all kinds will be available for purchase. With over twenty vendors, shoppers can find anything from food to gadgets!

“For those who want to give something back to their beloved four-legged friends there will be plenty of ways to spoil them with treats and gifts from a shopping village dedicated to crazy cat products.”

LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

From an international cat show to kitty cat superstars, cat lovers will be pawsitively thrilled to visit the LondonCats Cat Extravaganza. For more information, follow LondonCats Worldwide on Facebook.

H/T: Metro UK
Feature Image: LondonCats Worldwide Events/Facebook

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