Welp…I just stole a cat.

For at least the last five years, one of our neighbours' cats, a big tabby boy named Milo, has been coming over to our place. From what we understand, he didn't get along with their dogs, so he was often shut out of the house, even in bad weather. When it was really cold (we're in Ohio), he would slip into our garage through our in-only cat flap to stay warm. Our own cats (three of them) have grudgingly accepted that he's part of the landscape.

Starting about a month ago, we noticed Milo showing up at our door more and more often. At the same time, we noticed that the neighbours' house appears to be empty. Of course, it's difficult to be sure because everybody is staying inside with the whole pandemic business, but there are no cars in the driveway, we don't see lights on at night, and nobody has closed the doors of their shed when they've blown open. As far as we can tell, they're living elsewhere. But Milo was still here.

Five days ago, we noticed an injury on his front right leg. A patch of greyish flesh about two inches across, with splotches of darker grey and dark red. Not knowing what else to do, I contacted the local animal control for advice.

Long story short – we just took Milo to the vet. It looks like the injury on his leg is a wound that got infected, so he's had an antibiotic shot, rabies vaccine, and painkillers – and now he's settling into my youngest son's bedroom.

So yeah – I just stole a cat, and I don't feel in the least bit guilty about it.

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