As you may have noticed (or not), the mod list has been redone and reorganized.

As of last night, we had a bit of a snafu hit the subreddit.

The former top mod of this subreddit was inactive for a number of years and I made it pretty clear that I try to be the face of this subreddit's mod team so I put forth a subreddit request. This was promptly denied because the former top mod of this place was active on other subreddits and on site as a whole. When I mentioned my request to be the top mod, the former top mod removed me, and my 8+ years as second in control, from the mod list and then reinvited me, then left the subreddit. Because of this, I was rendered to the bottom of the list of moderators.

The other moderators of this subreddit all agreed and agree that I should be listed first in the list because of how much time and effort I've put into running this subreddit smoothly. When the news came down that the former top mod did this, the mod team stepped down willingly and let me have the top mod position back and then I personally reinvited every single one of them, with some help from some other moderators who were awake when the incident went down (thanks guys and gals <3).

I wanted to assure everyone in this subreddit that nothing will change except for the fact that moderators are, from this point on, are going to be active. If they are inactive they will be removed unless they have a good reason. We may recruit more mods (soon) into the team and …

We're open to suggestions (except for the remove mourning posts one) as to what we can do to improve this subreddit, so feel free to suggest ideas.

We're under new management. Let's do something fun.

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